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Advantage and Weakness of Embedded G Fin Tube

Advantage and Weakness of Embedded G Fin Tube


High fin stability, wonderful heat transfer, high operative temperature.

The fin/tube wall contact is constant as a result of the setting and makes it attainable to use a wall temperature of up to 450°C.

The fin is ready throughout its length and consequently doesn\'t unwind even once partly uprooted.

This kind of finned tube is one amongst optimum selections for having smart effectiveness/cost magnitude relation.


The fin isn't therefore sturdy to resist mechanical injury once external forces applied on fin space

Handling shall be through with care to avoid any injury.

Finned tubes is also broken whereas victimisation either steam or aggressive water for cleansing

As the fins square measure helically wrapped in grouves, un-finned space isn\'t lined which may be exposed to corrosive media and galvanic corrosion at the bottom of the fins may be accumulated

Tube shall be straight with disembarrass facet space to create a decent finned tube

It is onerous to use core tube once more once finning is unsuccessful.

Fins ought to be mounted at each ends avoiding un-wrapping.






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