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Heat Exchanger U Bent Tube

Stainless Steel U Bent Tube is usually applied as boiler heat exchanger tube, with length between 9 to 25 meters. But due to longer length, sometimes we need to bend it into U type and then convenient for transportation.


Generally speaking, after U bending finished, we will do annealing (also named stress relief) on the U Bent part. Because annealing solution will lower residual stress and then followed by hydro-static testing and dye penetrate testing if required.


The so-called stress relief means that the product may produce stress during pressure processing, casting, welding, heat treatment, cutting processing and other processes. In most cases, after the end of the process, a part of the residual stress will remain in the metal. Residual stress can cause the work piece to crack, deform or change in size, and the residual stress also improves the chemical activity of the metal, which is particularly easy to cause intergranular corrosion and cracking under the action of residual tension. Therefore, the residual stress will affect the performance of the material or cause premature failure of the workpiece.


Various kinds of heat exchanger U tubes can be provided, customized and available in below different materials.

Carbon Steel U Bend Tube

Alloy Steel U Bend Tube

Duplex Steel U Bend Tube

Copper Nickel U Bend Tube





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