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Supplying Air Cooling Fin Tubes

supplying of air cooling finned tubes
1.Technical specification for air cooling finned tubes
2.Core tube: seamless cold drawn according to ASTM A179 or Equivalent.
3. Fins : to be made from aluminium(Al ) .
4. Dimensions and Quantités :
    Core tube: SA179  25*2*9144  1000PCS
    Fins (G Wound Up) : Al 1060  56.2*0.4*10FPI
- The fin strip should be wounded into groove and tightened under pressure
- Tubes should be bared from both ends by a distance = 60 mm with each ends

5. General requirements:
1- Test certificates according to
ASTM A450/A450M and the certificates should be provided with delivered materials
2- packing : Sea worthy coating protection and according to ASTM 700 fig10 in wooden boxes
3-A copy of this certificate should be submited in the quotation.





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