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  • Vacuum Oven Finned Tube
  • Vacuum Oven Finned Tube
Vacuum Oven Finned Tube Vacuum Oven Finned Tube

Vacuum Oven Finned Tube

  • Fin Type: Extruded Fin Tube
  • Tube Material: Carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum
  • Fin Material: Copper, aluminum
  • Fin Tube Length: No Limit
  • Product description:Vacuum Oven Finned Tube. We supply A179 OD 1'' Cold Drawn Seamless Carbon Steel Extruded Fin Tube, double metal composite fin tube, aluminum extruded fin tubes with high quality and reasonable prices.

Vacuum Oven Finned Tube

Vacuum superconducting heat pipe is the steel, copper, aluminum tube filled with thermal conductivity medium, vacuum superconducting heat pipe is pumped into a certain vacuum and sealed tube. The working medium of superconducting heat pipe vacuum tube consists of various inorganic active metals and their compounds, with vacuum superconducting heat pipe thermal activity and thermal sensitivity, heat pipe is such when heated, release when cold.

This heat superconducting heat pipe working medium is activated under a certain temperature, superconducting heat pipe and to transfer heat in the form of molecular shock phase transition, the super heat pipe thermal performance coefficient of thermal conductivity is generally about ten thousand times of metal, heat conduction temperature without attenuation and can be delivered at an extremely rapid rate (the speed of sound transmission).

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