Why Use Aluminum Fins?

According to the heat exchange application and operation, there are various materials. The common ones are Aluminum, Alloy, Copper, Brass, Nickel, Titanium, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, etc, among which the aluminum and alloy are mostly used.

The basic performance for fin tube heat exchange should be with good solderability and formability, higher mechanical strength, good corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity. In spite of these, aluminum and alloy are also featured in extension and higher tensile strength increases under lower temperature. Around all world, especially for low temperature and compact heat exchange, they are widely applied.

Let’s see the feature of aluminum

1. Low Density

By alloying and heat treatment, it can reach the structural of construction steel. Suitable for various transportation, especially for small vehicle, reducing weight and consumption.

2. Good Corrosion Resistance

When under harsh conditions, the materials oxide from aluminum is non-toxic. With aluminum heat exchange, no worries that air or liquid inside will be destructed by oxide after long time.

3. Good Thermal Conductivity

Especially suitable for radiating fin, heat transfer evaporator and condenser.  

4. High Yielding and resistance to die cutting.

It is easy for processing and forming.

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