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  • Wrapped L Foot Tension Tube
  • Wrapped L Foot Tension Tube
Wrapped L Foot Tension TubeWrapped L Foot Tension Tube

Wrapped L Foot Tension Tube

  • Fin Type: L Fin, L foot fin
  • Tube Material: Carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum
  • Fin Material: Copper, aluminum
  • Fin Tube Length: No Limit
  • Product description:Wrapped L Foot Tension Tube, we supply all kinds of L type finned tube, Aluminum L foot Fin Tube, L-foot tension wound finned tube with good performance in China market.

Wrapped L Foot Tension Tube

An L-shaped foot, 1/16″ wide, is first formed on one side of the fin strip (hence the name L-Foot). The strip is then wound tightly around the tube, with the foot bearing on the tube outer surface. A typical fin spacing is 10 fins per inch of tube length — this can be varied. Tension in the fin strip as it is wrapped around the tube serves to seat the fin foot forcefully on the tube, and to hold the fin firmly in place.

L Finned Tube is combined with two different materials

Core Tube: Carbon steel, stainless steel, copper

Fins: Aluminum, copper, steel


1. Adopting winding process, high production efficiency

2. Uniform fin pitch, good heat transfer performance

3. Core tube is protected from air corrosion by base of fin

Maximum Working Temperature: 230°C


1. Air cooler in petrochemical, power plant, paper-making, tobacco and building heating.

2. Air heater in food processing equipment

3. Air heater in plant protein and starch spay drying system




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