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  • Condenser Low Finned Tubes
  • Condenser Low Finned Tubes
Condenser Low Finned TubesCondenser Low Finned Tubes

Condenser Low Finned Tubes

  • Fin Type: Integral Low Fin
  • Tube Material: CuNi70/30, CuNi90/10
  • Application: Condenser, evaporator
  • Fin Pitch: 26FPI
  • Product description:CuNi70/30, CuNi90/10 integral low finned tubes widely used for condenser and evaporator.

Condenser Low Finned Tubes

Low finned tube is through the light tube rolling out a continuous spiral fin, and compared it with the light tube has a larger surface area, higher heat transfer performance, therefore widely used in heat exchange occasion.

Integral Low Finned Tubes SPECIFICATIONS

Tube Material

Stainless Steel, Copper, Carbon steel

Tube OD


Tube Wall Thickness


Fin Material


Fin OD


Fin thickness


Fin Pitch


Fin Height

less than 1.6mm


Low finned tube is mainly used in air conditioning and refrigeration equipment in the condenser and evaporator absorption refrigeration oil cooler and other all kinds of heat exchanger, heat exchanger used in thermal power plants and nuclear power plants and evaporator, Marine switch in the condenser and evaporator used in gas turbine units and air cooler used for diesel oil industry secondary cooler and cooler waste heat recovery system in various dryer and heater used in the heat exchanger in chemical industry.

To serve you more efficiently, please send us your specific enquiry, please indicate following details:

1.Fin Tube Material

2.Outside Diameter

3.Wall Thickness below finned portion

4.No of Fins Per Inch

5.Overall Length of Tube

6.Length of Plain Tube at Both Ends

7.Total Quantity Required

8.Shipping Items

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