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  • L Foot Finned Tube
L Foot Finned Tube

L Foot Finned Tube

  • Fin Type: L foot, should tension finned
  • Fin Materail: Aluminum or Copper
  • Product description:Minyang Heat Transfer offers 'L' Foot or Shoulder tension construction that assures uniform fin spacing.

L Foot Finned Tube

L foot finned tube also called shoulder tension finned tube.

The Strip Material Is Subjected To Controlled Deformation Under Tension Giving The Optimum Contact Pressure At The Foot Of The Fin Onto The Base Tube Thus Maximizing The Heat Transfer Properties. The Foot Of The Fin Considerably Enhances The Corrosion Protection Of The Base Tube. Maximum Operating Temperature For This Fin Type Is 150°C.

TUBE Details
Tube Diameter : Min 0.5” (12.7 Mm) To Max. 2” (50.8 Mm) OD
Tube Mateial : Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper & Copper Alloys Or As Per Customer’s Requirement.

FIN Details
Fins Height
Min 0.31” (7.87 Mm) To 0.75” (19.05 Mm) (depending On Tube Od)
Fin Density Minimum 7 Fins Per Inch To Maximum 12.4 Fins Per Inch
Material Aluminum & Copper




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