Brief introduction of different kinds of Finned Tubes

Brief introduction of different kinds of Finned Tubes 

Wound tension fin tube can be divided into L/LL/KL types, use aluminum strips wrap outside of the base tube into different shapes, so that can cover the surface of the base tube and stop the attachment and resistance of atmosphere. You might be wondering what's the difference? L type is with fin being L shape wrapped on the base tube and protects the tube fully from corrosion. LL type is wrapped in the same way as the L type, but the aluminum strip has an overlap during the wrapping process, which means a wider fin base so that can get better corrosion resistance. KL fin tube is with knurled foot aluminum strip helically wrapped into the corresponding knurling on the base tube.

G type fin tube also called embedded G fin tube, make some sprial grooves on the surface of the base tubes, then let the aluminum strips embedded into the corresponding space. This kind of finned tube has better thermal performance and working temperature.

Extruded finned tube, also known as bimetallic finned tube (code DR), which can bear corrosion, completely overcoming the weakness of L type wound finned tube. Both the inner and outer tube material can be selected separately, the inner base tube will be selected according to the hot fluid corrosion conditions and pressures, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, copper, etc. The outer tube should choose the material which has good ductility, strong resistance to atmospheric corrosion, and good heat transfer, aluminum and copper are used as usual. They will be combined tightly with advantages of good corrosion resistance, long service time, high heat transfer efficiency, high integrity and stiffness of fins. Due to the non deformable of fins, the tubes can be cleaned with high-pressure water. 





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