Charateristics of Grooved G Finned Tube

Charateristics of Grooved G Finned Tube

The Embedded finned tube (G-type finned tube) is to pre-process a spiral groove of a certain width and depth on the base pipe (it can be carbon steel, stainless steel and copper), and then inlay the aluminum strip or copper strip on the base pipe. The aluminum strip or copper strip is embedded in the spiral groove of about 0.25-0.5mm on the surface of the base pipe, and the metal extruded in the groove is pressed back to the root of the fin with the roller.


The thermal performance of this finned tube is good, and the working temperature can reach 350~400. During the winding process, due to a certain pre-tightening force, the aluminum strip or copper strip will be tightly squeezed in the spiral groove, thus ensuring a certain contact area between the aluminum strip/the copper strip and the steel pipe. In order to facilitate inlaying, there should be a certain side clearance between the steel strip and the spiral groove. If the side clearance is too small and interference is formed, it will be difficult for the mosaic process to proceed smoothly.


The characteristics of the mosaic finned tube are: stable fin spacing, firm embedding, pull-off force not less than 70N, medium allowable temperature up to 400 , strong temperature resistance and thermal shock resistance, widely used in petrochemical air coolers.





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