Dimensions needed when enquired for aluminum fin tubes

Minyang Heat Fin Tube can manufacture finned tubes from a range of tube sizes and material available, and also can produce gaps without grooves any where along the length of the tube.

Currently we can produce 5 kinds of aluminum fin tubes as below:

1. G Finned Tube, also named as Embedded or Grooved Fin Tube

2. L Fin Tube, also named as Wrap on Fin Tube or L Foot Tension Fin Tube

3. LL Fin Tube, also names as Overlapped Footed or Double L Fin

4. KL Fin Tube, named as Wrapped On Knurled or Knurled L Fin

5. Extruded Fin Tube, also named as Composited Fin Tube, Bimetal Fin Tube, Round tube with ribs, etc

6. Extruded Serrated Fin Tube.

Each kind of fin has its charateristics, but whatever fin type you are interested, pls kindly tell us the below dimenions when enquired.





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