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High-frequency welded spiral finned tube is a domestically recognized high-efficiency and energy-saving heat exchange element. It is a form of high-frequency welding in which the outer wall of the steel pipe is wound and welded in a spiral shape, thereby greatly increasing the outer surface area of the steel pipe.

The heat exchange effect is 4-7 times higher than that of ordinary tubes. The product has the advantages of high welding joint strength, small thermal resistance, large lateral heat transfer area, compact structure, small volume, and material saving. Because of the above advantages,

The "GRD steel finned radiator" developed with high-frequency welded finned tubes has the characteristics of high metal thermal strength, pressure resistance, and large heat dissipation. The high-frequency welded finned tube uses a high-frequency power supply as a heat source, and the steel strip,

The steel pipe is heated at the same time to make it melt into one. It has the characteristics of high heat exchange and heat dissipation efficiency, large heat dissipation and heat exchange area, long service life, wide adaptability to temperature and high pressure.

High-frequency welded spiral finned tubes are widely used for heating and cooling in petrochemical, machinery, metallurgy, rubber, printing and dyeing, medicine, food, power plants, passenger cars, drying and other industries.

Ideal heat exchange element in heat exchanger, economizer, heat exchanger, crystallizer, radiator and heat pipe technology. In particular, GRD steel finned radiators are widely used in office buildings, residential buildings, hotels, factories and other workers

In the construction industry, it has a good heating effect and is a substitute for traditional cast iron and plate radiators.





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