Seamless Tube SA179 OD31.75mm With Extruded Fins OD63.5mm

Base Tubes: Seamless Tubes OD 31.75 x 2.11 mm (Minimum wall thickness) x 12000 mm Long, Material SA-179

Finns: Extruded Finss OD 63.5 mm x 0.4 mm Thick x 11 FPI (Finns per inch), Material Aluminum 1060 Annealed H-14

Notes: Please confirm following points and must be included in your quoted offer

  • All tubes must be 100% eddy current tested.
  • Payment LC at sight
  • Please share HS code, gross shipping weight and volume of quoted tubes.
  • Wooden box packing, end caps for both ends of each tube, rust protection, woven cloth packing must be included in quoted offer.
  • Tube material shall meet the requirements of ASME section II part A [Edition 2021].
  • Application of tubes: Lean Amine Cooler
  • Materials shall be new and first quality.
  • Tubes shall be in normalized condition
  • Tube thickness specified 2.11 mm is minimum wall thickness. No negative tolerance is acceptable.
  • Fin material shall be aluminum 1060 Annealed-H14 7.
  • Bare tube each side: 55 mm
  • The hardness of Tubes shall be as per requirement of SA-179 specifications.
  • Material inspection certificates for Tubes shall be in accordance with BS EN 10204 Type 3.1 requirements.
  • Material marking shall be as per SA-179, in addition to that the marking shall include the name and order number of the purchaser.
  • Each Tube shall be legibly stamped or stenciled showing specification number, grade and class. When metal stamping is used it shall be on the long edge of each component as it leaves the mill. Metal stamping on rolled surfaces shall be done with a “low stress” stamp. Markings shall be protected from erosion, wear, or other events that may render them unreadable
  • End of the Tube should be protected and capped to prevent corrosion or damage.
  • Tubes shall be properly packed in Wooden Boxes for safe transportation.
  • Please share sample MTC of quoted tubes
  • Please share manufacturer’s certificates.





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