Technical Specification on Embedded G Fin Tube

The embedded G finned tube is to pre-process the spiral groove of a certain width and depth on the steel pipe, and then inlay the aluminum strip or copper strip on the steel pipe on the lathe. During the winding process, due to a certain pre-tightening force, the steel strip will be tightly squeezed in the spiral groove, thus ensuring a certain contact area between the steel strip and the steel pipe. In order to prevent the steel strip from springing back and falling off, both ends of the steel strip should be welded to the steel pipe. In order to facilitate inlaying, there should be a certain side clearance between the steel strip and the spiral groove. If the side clearance is too small and interference is formed, it will be difficult for the mosaic process to proceed smoothly. In addition, the wound steel strip always has a certain spring back, as a result, the steel strip and the bottom surface of the spiral groove cannot be well joined.

Technical Requirement for Grooved G Fin Tube

1. Grooved Depth on the core tube: 0.35~0.5mm according to the tube wall thickness

2. Pulling Test on Fin: >8kg (to see if the fin break under equal pressure)

3. Grooved Stability: The 1st tube need to be tested on each working shift

4. Core tube is stainless steel tube, seamless carbon steel tube, copper tube, tube wall thickness ≥2mm

5. No cracks on the tube surface after it grooved.





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