The Difference between Monometal Fin Tube and Bimetallic Fin Tube

The Difference between Monometal Fin Tube and Bimetallic Fin Tube

     Both single metal finned tubes and bimetallic finned tubes are finned tube types, which are distinguished below. Finned tubes, also known as heat pipes, are divided into single metal finned tubes and bimetallic finned tubes.
    The single-metal finned tube is rolled from the aluminum tube as a whole, called aluminum rolled finned tube, with no contact thermal resistance, high strength, heat resistance and mechanical vibration, good thermal expansion performance, and has a considerable extended heat exchange surface. The heat exchanger made of this finned tube is more effective than the finned or wound fin heat exchanger, and is a widely used heat exchanger. The single metal finned tube can also be directly rolled from steel pipe or rolled from copper pipe.

     Bimetal composite finned tubes are divided into steel-aluminum composite finned tubes and copper-aluminum composite finned tubes. The steel-aluminum composite finned tube is made of (steel pipe, aluminum tube; or stainless steel tube, aluminum tube) and then rolled into fins, and the copper-aluminum composite finned tube is rolled by (copper tube, aluminum tube) after composite The fins produced have the advantages of tight bonding, small thermal resistance, good heat transfer performance, high strength, small flow loss, strong corrosion resistance, not easy to deform under long-term cold and hot conditions, and long working life.

     The integrally rolled fins have no burrs, no wrinkles, and are easy to clean. It is easy to remove condensed water on the outer surface of the fins during wet cooling in heating and air-conditioning projects, and it is not easy to form dust and scale in drying heating and other heat exchange occasions.

      The single-metal finned tubes and bimetallic composite finned tubes produced by our company are anodized on the surface, with beautiful color and lustre, and can effectively prevent surface corrosion.





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