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  • Copper Fin Tubes in Small Dimension
  • Copper Fin Tubes in Small Dimension
Copper Fin Tubes in Small DimensionCopper Fin Tubes in Small Dimension

Copper Fin Tubes in Small Dimension

  • Material: Copper, Brass
  • Fin Type: Spiral, Low Fin
  • Application: Radiato, chiller, condenser
  • Brand: Minyang
  • Product description:Copper Fin Tube or Brass Fin Tube in Small Dimension, can be produced in material copper, Cupro Nickel, Admiralty Brass.

Copper and Brass Low Fin Tube

Integral low fin tubing produces numerous benefits for shell and tube heat exchangers including reduced size and cost for new equipment, increased performance of existing equipment. The cost of shell and tube heat exchanger can be reduced up to 50% through the proper application of low fin tubing.

Materials standard

Copper Alloy: ASTM B75/ B359 C12200/ 44300/ 68700/ 70600/ 71500

Carbon Steel: SA179 and others

Stainless Steel: SS304, SS316/ SS316L

EN and DIN standards are also available on request.

Specification on Integral Low Fin Tube

Tube Material

Stainless Steel, Copper, Carbon steel, Alloy

Tube OD


Tube Wall Thickness


Fin Material

Same tube as base tube

Fin thickness


Fin Pitch


Fin Height

less than 1.6mm


1. Helpful for the dropping of the cold condensate at the bottom of the tube, reducing the liquid film and thermal resistance but improving the heat transfer efficiency.

2. Reduced size and cost saving, but with increased performance of existing equipment.

3. Providing 3 times of external surface heat transfer area than bare tube

4. Wide application, strengthen evaporation, condensation, gaseous heat and liquid heat transfer for shell medium.


The Integral low fin tubes are widely used in chemical production process. Especially applicable between air or other gases on the fin-side and a fluid on the tube-side.




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