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  • SA179 Integral Low Fin Tube for sale
SA179 Integral Low Fin Tube for sale

SA179 Integral Low Fin Tube for sale

  • Fin Type: Low Fin Type
  • Tube Material: Carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum
  • Fin Tube Length: No Limit
  • Fin Height: Low Fin
  • Product description:Exporting Low Fin Tube, Integral or Single Metal Finned Tube whether in copper, titanium or stainless steel materials. We are professional on it with cheap prices.

Integral Low Fin Tube Fabrication

The Tube and Fin are in same material. After rolling process, the outer surface of tube is formed with thread, which makes the finned tube have a higher heat transfer capacity.


Low Fin tube provides 3 times the external surface area of bare tube.

It is helpful for the dropping of the cold condensate at the bottom of the tube, reducing the liquid film and thermal resistance but improving the heat transfer efficiency.

Integral low fin tubing yields numerous benefits for shell and tube heat exchangers including reduced size and cost for new equipment, increased performance of existing equipment. The cost of shell and tube heat exchangers can be reduced up to 50% through the proper application of low fin tubing.

Integral Low Finned Tubes SPECIFICATIONS

Tube Material

Stainless Steel, Copper, Carbon steel, Alloy

Tube OD


Tube Wall Thickness


Fin Material


Fin OD


Fin thickness


Fin Pitch


Fin Height

less than 1.6mm


Low finned tubes are a reliable solution for controlling the temperature of gases and liquids, or for evaporating and condensing refrigerants. Thanks to their larger heat transfer surface area, they offer considerable potential to save in terms of materials and fill volumes, especially applicable to air and other gases on the fin-side and a fluid on the tube-side. Applied in heat exchanger for oil refinery and petrochemical plants, condenser and heat exchanger for petrochemical plants, condenser & evaporator for power plants,

To serve you more efficiently, please send us your specific enquiry, please indicate following details:

1.Fin Tube Material

2.Outside Diameter

3.Wall Thickness below finned portion

4.No of Fins Per Inch

5.Overall Length of Tube

6.Length of Plain Tube at Both Ends

7.Total Quantity Required

8.Shipping Items




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