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  • Spiral Crimped Fin Tube
Spiral Crimped Fin TubeSpiral Crimped Fin Tube

Spiral Crimped Fin Tube

  • Product description:Supply Spiral Crimped Fin Tube for air preheater, heat exchanger with good quality in China.

     The spiral wound finned tube refers to a finned tube formed by cold winding at normal atmospheric temperature. Its fabrication is simple and it is convenient to obtain materials.The high quality steel strip is directly wound on the steel pipe by mechanical force.

    Due to the limitation of the processing technology, the finned finned tube has a larger fin pitch, ranging from 3.2-8mm, and the unit heat exchange area is smaller than other types of finned tubes; the thickness of the fins is generally between 0.2-0.5mm, thicker thickness is not conducive to the extension of the metal and also easy to break during the winding process. The difference between the wound finned tube and other finned tubes in appearance is that the steel strip root near the base tube has obvious wrinkles. The wrinkled shape allows the steel strip to stand tightly on the base tube by mechanical tension so as not to fall. Besides, wrinkled steel strip can also make the penetrating gas outside the tube impact turbulent flow, and promote the heat transfer effect.




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