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  • Fin Tube Collar Support
  • Fin Tube Collar Support
Fin Tube Collar SupportFin Tube Collar SupportFin Tube Collar Support

Fin Tube Collar Support

  • MOQ: 2000pcs
  • Material: Galvanized zinc steel or aluminum alloy
  • Customized: YES
  • Delivery Time: 7 days
  • Product description:Minyang Heat transfer manufactures all kinds of fin tube collar support, which are applicable for aluminum fin tubes, as extruded fin tubes, L/LL/KL fins tubes and most used for G base fin tubes.

Fin Tube Collar Support can prevent fin from damaging when put fin tubes together when delivered, also can be a support when installing fin tubes on air cooled heat exchangers.

Minyang Heat Transfer offers several different options to help provide stability and long life to our finned tubing. Collars can be used in high vibration and long tube length applications. Collars also reduce wear on fins that can lead to tube failure. Collars offered include cast-zinc, silicon, metal band, and packed fin. We can also place mid-bare sections (no fins) for customer supplied supports. Collars can be placed at any point throughout the length of the tube. Dimensional specifications are closely maintained to ensure proper fit.





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