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Fin Tube SpacerFin Tube SpacerFin Tube Spacer

Fin Tube Spacer

  • Material: Zinc galvanized carbon steel or aluminum
  • Customized: Yes
  • MOQ: 1000pcs
  • Product description:Minyang heat transfer can manufacturer various shape of fin tube spacer for aluminum fin tubes, as extruded fin tubes, L/LL/KL fins tubes and most used for G base fin tubes.

Fin Tube Spacer are used to maintain the tube in the right position without damaging the fins. They allow direct contact between tubes or between a tube and a tube supporting beam, also can be a support when installing fin tubes on air cooled heat exchangers.

Spacer is used for support Fin tube, including L Fin Tube, G Fin Tube, and it is made of Aluminium, Aluminium alloy, Zinc Coated Steel Plate material, size and shape can be as per customer’s design.





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