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  • Fin Tube Support Bracket
  • Fin Tube Support Bracket
Fin Tube Support BracketFin Tube Support Bracket

Fin Tube Support Bracket

  • Material: Aluminum or Zinc Galvanized
  • Usage: To support fin tubes in long length
  • Cutomized: Yes
  • Shape: Round, square and rectangular
  • Product description:Minyang Heat Transfer manufactures a full range of standard aluminium and galvanised Finned Tube Supports in round shape and rectangular shape.

Fin Tube Support Bracket

Generally speaking, fin tube support are used to maintain the tube in the right position without damaging the fins. They allow direct contact between tubes or between a tube and a tube supporting beam.

Tube supports are applicable for aluminum fin tubes, as extruded fin tubes, L/LL/KL fins tubes and most used for G base fin tubes.

Usually the core tube OD is, 25.4mm,31,75mm and 38.1mm.





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